Surrealism & Marxism: Notes on Breton, Césaire, and Miéville for Future Considerations

Marcel Sauvage, "Le Fin de Paris" (1932) The original post has been edited and re-published by some friends at Blind Field - A Journal of Cultural Inquiry. You can read the updated version here. 


Cinema In The Age of Control Societies

(Incredibly rough draft of part II of an article for Carte Semiotiche Annali 4, IMAGES OF CONTROL. Visibility and the Government of Bodies. Part I can be found here). Given our critique of the affirmationist interpretation, and while Godard’s Sauve Qui Peut (La Vie) is Patton’s exemplar of something that approximates a Deleuzean ethico-political program, we should turn … Continue reading Cinema In The Age of Control Societies

Between Cinema & Philosophy

[ excerpt from an essay on Deleuze, Godard, and control societies...] In 1987 Deleuze delivered a talk on the topic of the creative production of works of art; specifically regarding creative acts as engendered in cinema and their difference from other creative endeavors such as philosophy and science. In this lecture, Deleuze develops a framework … Continue reading Between Cinema & Philosophy